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Buy A Puppy! Die! BANG!

Posted on February 12, 2008

"The Murderdolls are perfect. In the same way that The Undertones or Tatu or The Cheekygirls or Take That or The Petshopboys or The Sex Pistols or Junior Senior or Nirvana or Mud or Kylie are perfect. For there is nothing that could be added or subtracted that would in any way improve the basic idea of a gang of 4 ft tall Marilyn Manson Mini-Me horrorgoths banging out 4/4 balls-to-the-slaughterhouse-wall glam-metal with lyrics about necrophilia, death, disease and suicide. And why bands that dress like tramps and bang on about being depressed should be taken out and made to dig their own graves and then shot in the back of the neck. Get over it! Take some Prozac! Buy a puppy! Die! BANG!"

Written by Steven Wells, you can read the complete Playlouder's Murderdolls interview with Joey HERE.

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