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Posted on February 12, 2008

Tuesday (May 6) in downtown L.A. at a place called Ye Ole' Abandoned House, Spineshank shot the latest piece in their video library. The video is for a track from their forthcoming Self Destructive Pattern release, that track being "Smothered."

How did it go? "Really, really well...looks amazing! Incredible! It was soooo good! The video is gonna be awesome," exclaims an unnamed press person from the house of Roadrunner...but then again, that's a press cat's job. But seriously, all was said with real conviction, and the band was completely psyched for the shoot.

And speaking of real, at the end of the video, the band destroys the room they are playing in. Did You Know? They destroyed the room with such conviction, that they actually broke through a wall into the next room. Now that's-a-fuckin-real!

And for your last bit of real for the day, check out Spineshank's PHOTO GALLERY for a few pics from the video yesterday's video shoot at Ye Ole' Abandoned House.

Spineshank Self Destructive Pattern coming this summer

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