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Sinch And Stone Sour - Columbus, Ohio In Review

Posted on February 12, 2008

Sinch supporting Stone Sour - Columbus
Newport Music Hall, Ohio, October 2nd 2002

By Steve Birkett.

'Yeah, so first of all I have to apologise for accosting Dan in the street after the show. This was my last ditch attempt to get you guys to sign my album inlay, I now realise that I came across like a fawning groupie. For this I apologise and thank you profusely for delaying your departure to sign my shit....if it helps, I was one over the eighth cos the venue actually accepted my ID and allowed me to drink (I'm feckin' 22 and have a UK passport) Cheers.

Anyhow, Sinch were insanely amazing, so so good. I'd built this up in my mind to indescribable proportions and it lived up to MY hype. That's pretty outstanding. Jamie was intense, Jay hypnotic, Tony LOUD!! Dan had some brilliant drumming moments and Mike was rocking out to complete the quintet, the whole band were on fire. Even though the crowd were a little stagnant, they gave Sinch the respect they deserve in applause, I'd say you guys made
plenty of new friends this evening.

Set list:
Tabula Rasa
Something More
Silent Acquiesence of Millions

Great night, Sinch haven't disappointed my massive expectations. I'd see them again anytime, preferably with a full set and a crowd that knows
exactly what's up (there's only so much one English dude can cheer for a band to make em feel loved) Get to em, get into'll kick yourself if you don't.'

One of the US teamers, Brian McCombs, took some snaps of both Sinch and Stone Sour. Check em out!

Sinch Photos

Stone Sour Photos

Thanks Steve and Brian!

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