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Posted on February 12, 2008

Time for a quick update on some of the latest features out there featuring our bands - check 'em out.

*Read the new 'Rising' feature out in Kerrang! on June 14th.
*Also, don't miss an album review and band feature in Powerplay's June issue.

Type O Negative
*Don't miss the great KKKK album review of 'Life Is Killing Me' in the June 7th issue.
*The current issue of Terrorizer has Type O on the cover and an album review....
*As does the current issue of Powerplay!
*And for some more unusual reading, pick up the current issue of Bizarre for a Type O interview.
*Not to mention reviews in Metal Hammer ( a very nice 8/10), Logo, Vice, Black Velvet (August issue), Cop Out, Meltdown, Guitar Techniques, Record Collector, & Classic Rock (July issue) to spotlight just a few.

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