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That's A Wrap

Posted on February 12, 2008

Ring, ring goes the phone. It's Dez Fafara. What's he doing? "Fuckin' partying, I just finished....I'm outta my mind right now."

Dez elaborates as follows:

"I just finished my vocals, and I'm out of my mind. There are thank you cards, congratulation cards...and scotch flowing. Evan has approximately 15 more minutes of guitars, and then it's done. We are listening to Testament's The Gathering, "3 Days In Darkness" while waiting for our A&R guy Kevin Estrada, who is bringing up early 80's Metallica live shows on DVD...with Cliff."

"We have decided on a permanent title for the album, that title is 'Straight To Hell'. Next stop, tour, tour, tour."

Minutes later, Kevin Estrada himself called. "DUDE, the relief," Kevin tells. "I can't believe this (that recording is complete), it's like I just had a child, like a porcupine just popped out of me."

As for Kevin's thoughts on the album title 'Straight To Hell', he casually says, "that's been my life every morning..."

DevilDriver 'Straight To Hell' coming this Autumn

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