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Posted on October 10, 2013

This autumn Gojira will be touring North America with Slayer (if only it was the UK!). Artist Direct sat down for an hour long conversation with Slayer's Tom Araya & Gojira's Joe Duplantier about the monstrous tour. The guys also discuss playing & singing simultaneously as well as the moment they realised they would play music for the rest of their life.

Tom & Joe had this to say about how the tour came about;

Tom Araya: I think it was when we first got word we were going to put together a fall tour. It was a while back. I can't think of when it was. They mentioned they wanted to put the tour together with Gojira. We were like, "Cool!" That's basically how decisions are made in our camp. It's like, "Hey, we want to put a tour together with this band", and we say, "Alright!" However, this isn't the first time we've toured together.

Joe Duplantier: We did some shows in Europe last year, and they went great. For us, it was a very comfortable situation to do this tour because we're in the same kind of vibe. We use no effects, no computers, and no crazy samples. It's like a raw, old school formula. It's two guitars, one bass, drums, and a guy screaming in a microphone. It's the might Slayer! It was an amazing thing to initially do those dates in Europe. When we received the offer to be main support for Slayer in North America, we were like, "Yes!" That's all I can say about this [Laughs].

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