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Combining the complex atypical rhythms and technical precision of math rock with the sensational brutality of progressive metal, Washington D.C’s PERIPHERY have redefined the boundaries of progressive music upon releasing their highly acclaimed self-titled worldwide debut. Guitar World boldly stated: “Misha Mansoor and PERIPHERY single-handedly created the progressive Djent rock revolution. Now everyone wants to get in on the act.”

Very rarely does a band come along that just defies the boundaries of conventionality, but the experimental, progressive metal outfit PERIPHERY have done just that and have blazed a trail of originality that has sent shockwaves throughout the metal world. Now after countless years of touring as a supporting band the group has finally attained headlining status. They embarked on the highly anticipated “Frak The Gods” tour in Sept, 2001 throughout North America and has put together a stunning package with The Human Abstract, Textures and The Contortionist.

Founded in 2004 by guitarist/lead songwriter Misha “Bulb” Mansoor, PERIPHERY seems to always be drawing from a constant stream of inspiration. To date, the band has recorded over a 100+ songs and continues to deliver new tracks on a regular basis, each time pushing the envelope on their compositional structures.

There is no doubt that PERIPHERY are innovators and Mansoor is being hailed by industry experts and his peers as one of the main purveyors of this current Djent movement that is feverishly spreading throughout the progressive circles. The group's acclaimed new Icarus EP is now available in stores everywhere. This offering features a brand new unreleased track, bonus tracks from their previous album, a series of remixes and video clips.

In 2011, PERIPHERY have parted ways with long-time guitarist Alex Bois. "We have some sad news to share. Alex Bois and PERIPHERY have decided to part ways. This is truly a sad day for Periphery, because Alex has been with us since the beginning, and he is like a brother to us. We're going to do everything we can to make the most out of this unfortunate situation, and soldier on like we always have in the past when faced with setbacks. The band has never been more focused and energized and we feel that the new material we are currently working on will reflect just that.”

Taking the DIY approach to getting their music heard, PERIPHERY garnered the attention of metal fans across the globe by deciding to make all of their songs available to listeners online. Inspired by their fans feedback and fervent requests, the band frequently adds new music and video blogs, constantly cultivating a stronger online presence.

This continuous exposure on the web, combined with a strong hometown following, provided PERIPHERY the opportunity to showcase their explosive live show and groundbreaking tracks on national tours such as Summer Slaughter, The Thrash and Burn Tour and playing alongside heavyweights Between The Buried And Me, Darkest Hour, Lamb of God, and Despised Icon. 

With a hellacious buzz circulating from coast to coast and country to country, amazing tours with legends such as Dream Theater ahead, and the support of such labels as Sumerian Records (Asking Alexandria, Veil of Maya) in the US, Roadrunner (UK, Europe, Japan and Australia) and Distort Inc. in Canada (Cancer Bats, and Architects); there should be no doubt in anyone's minds that PERIPHERY's future is indeed now.