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During the European Tour for Sepultura's 'Chaos A.D.' album at the tail-end of 1993, mainman Max Cavalera forged a friendship with Alex Newport, the lead vocalist with U.K. noise-niks Fudge Tunnel who were their support act. They instantly formed a PunkMetal side-project called Nailbomb and, just as quickly, recorded an album 'Point Blank' that was released in March 1994. Despite the unremitting short, sharp & shocking nature of the heavily-politicised songs, the album went on to chart across Europe and elicit demands for live dates.
This specially low-priced DVD features a full raw live recording of Nailbomb's second (and last) show at the Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven, Holland on June 3rd 1995. Joining guitarist/vocalists Max & Alex on the day in a constantly changing line-up were Igor Cavalera (drums – Sepultura), Evan Seinfeld (bass – Biohazard), Dave Edwardson (bass – Neurosis), D.H. Peligro (drums – Dead Kennedys), Scott Doom (bass – Doom), Rhys Fulber (keyboards – Front Line Assembly) & Barry C Schneider (drums – Tribe After Tribe). The set includes almost the entire 'Point Blank' album plus a ferocious cover of Dead Kennedy's 'Police Truck'.
As Newport stated at the time “Nailbomb was always supposed to be short, to the point and fun.”
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