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"I got off the plane and got a haircut." That's probably what Keith Caputo would say if you ask him about his first days in Europe. However, the facts today prove that he did much more than that. Already back in August '99, Keith was starting to make a buzz at the Popkomm music fair in Germany with news spreading quickly of his new solo record. Until then, a lot of people would be forgiven for thinking that he had practically disappeared from the music world. Instead, he was taking the time he needed to finish his solo debut and develop on a personal level. He emerged more mature, more confident; in his art, in his reflections and in himself. Keith started to tour small clubs. On stage with only his guitarist to support him, he delivered a very intimate, honest and emotionally naked performance. People who experienced these first shows immediately knew that this was something special that they would never forget. In Keith's own words: "It's a lot of work to start from scratch and make people aware, but it's worth every minute of it. It makes me happy to see people enjoying the music. Joy and happiness are really important in life and suffering as well. People write me a lot of personal emails and there is a lot of suffering out there." The highlight of these acoustic shows came with a last-minute opportunity to support the Cranberries in Berlin, Germany. Keith stood in front of 4000 people as they all sang along to his interpretation of "Why" from Annie Lennox. "Died Laughing" was released on Valentine's Day 2000. The media response for this record was outstanding: - This may not be the album that the label or fans we’re expecting ,but it certainly is one of the best this year.( Rock Sound, March 2000) - As with all great works of miserablism, there’s a lot of maudlin beauty here (Q, April 2000) - Died Laughing is an intriguing experience (TOP, February 2000) In March 2000 Keith Caputo went out on tour with a full band as support for Travis, followed up by headline shows and important festivals throughout Europe. Ever since people saw Keith at the first acoustic gigs, Keith and his record company were flooded by requests from fans asking for an acoustic version of the album. As much as they all loved the studio album, they wanted to be able recapture the raw energy and emotions the live performances had generated. After Keith had received over 300 emails from people asking about an acoustic release, he thought: "Let's do it. If they want it so bad, let's make some people happy". The result, available on release now, is "Died Laughing Pure". The album contains acoustic versions of "Died Laughing" tracks, as well the song "Let's Pretend" - an alltime acoustic favourite and previously only available as single b-side, a rerecording of "Yesterday Is An Eternity" (previously only released in Japan), plus the new single, a cover of the Annie Lennox song "Why", which had so much impact on people before. Keith plans to continue touring until the end of this year and, given that he has already written about 3 albums-worth of new material, he can't wait to get back into the studio again to begin recording.