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Motionless In White

Random Nickelback Fact #1

Posted on February 12, 2008

Random Fact – This one comes to us via email from a guy named Disturbed. His words are as follows: “i keep reading stories about random nickelback stuff and i was wondering if u were aware that the lead singer chad was a song producer for a band called default. that’s not really what i’m getting at, but i wanted to share with u that he makes a guest appearance in their video….he’s one of the guys fighting and the 2 girls trying to break them up…it’s kind of hard to see their faces cuz it’s blurry, but i watched it a few times and noticed it was him. i just thought it was odd cuz i’m hearing of them everywhere and then they pop up with default. just thought ya would want to know that” We checked out this story with Nickelback’s A&R Rep and all is true… If you have a Nickelback random fact, drop us a line.


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