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King 810

Having A Mood Swing

Posted on February 12, 2008

Words from Spineshank’s Mike Sarkisyan on the new record ‘Self Destructive Pattern’… “The new album is more extreme in every respect. In the three years since out last album, we’ve become a different band. If everybody out there was as shocked as they were when that came out, they better put their fucking seatbelts on again!! As for the recording process, Santos, Spineshank’s singer, tells “It was by far the hardest thing anybody has ever done in their lives. It took 16 months to write and 5 months to record in six different studios.” Now it’s time for you to hear new Spineshank. The first MP3 is here. ‘Violent Mood Swings’ is up for download in our MUSIC section. What’s it like? Straight from Santos himself, “I think ‘Violent Mood Swings’ is probably one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written.”


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