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Stone Sour

‘Back With Cantrell

Posted on February 12, 2008

Last night in Calgary at the Calgary Stampede Corral, Nickelback’s show offered more of a surprise than just the pyro and lights we’ve been talking about – Jerry Cantrell joined Nickelback on stage for a song, together they played “It Ain’t Like That” from Alice In Chains’ Facelift. More? Since the reaction was apparently astounding last night and Jerry is still hangin with the band, word has it he will be making an encore performance with Nickelback tonight (Jan 25) in Edmonton at the Skyreach Centre. The song to be played? As of now, we hear that “Rooster” is on tap. If you can’t believe what you are missing, no worries – you are probably not aware, but there are plans going around on talks for putting together a Nickelback DVD. Tonight’s show in Edmonton is actually being shot, and this is just the kind of thing that should be on a DVD…


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